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Her lesson plans were personally tailored to my skill level and I quickly progressed

allowing me to recall my high school Spanish classes I thought I forgot.

Harry Lewis
Oahu, HI

When students take her courses as seriously as she takes her work, they find themselves exploring another world, full of excitement! I highly recommend Florencia Derron.

Katie Terrell – Spanish BA
Denver, CO

Florencia is a wonderful instructor for all levels of language learning needs, travel, conversation and business. She will customize the instruction and learning to your abilities and goals.

Hillary English
Denver, CO

If you’re willing to put in the work, Florencia will be right beside you to guide you towards accomplishing your goals.

Job Warner
Denver, CO

Florencia is one of the best teachers I have had. I enjoy the activities in class and her explanations of grammar are wonderful!

Grace B.
Denver, CO

I love that the class is all in Spanish since I am at the Advanced Level,  it makes me work harder!

Keith F.
Denver, CO

I love her books and the passages about different countries and cultures.

Sara W.
Denver, CO

She paid special attention to tailor material for my needs as a clinical mental health counselor. She made me feel at ease as we practiced Spanish and role played conversations as if we were in the counseling room with kids and families. We all know that is no easy task!

Nayla Festa

It has been many years since I spoke an intermediate level Spanish and I was looking for a teacher who could help me rebuild and improve the skills I once had. I am amazed at her energy and enthusiasm and always look forward to my classes. I’m learning and improving yet having a lot of fun.

Maryan Koehler, Ed.D

Florencia not only understands the nuances of expressing oneself in Spanish, but she understands business very well, which enabled her to prepare me for highly technical meetings in Spanish.  I went in feeling prepared and confident.

Laura J. Nesbitt

Florencia has customized my lessons to best suit my needs and keeps her classes interesting and interactive.  Since beginning my classes, I have begun teaching before and after school enrichment classes for children and she has helped with visual aids and wonderfully creative ideas that capture the kids’ attention.

Eileen Fox

We have used their translation and interpretation services to access new markets for our products. They quickly understood our industry and tailored their services to meet our specific demands.

Matt Sass

FD Languages customizes a program specific for my needs in order to enhance my career performance, along with my company’s goals for growth in Latin American markets. 

Lidia Zurek


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