Florencia Derron

Founder/ Instructor / Interpreter

Born and raised in beautiful Argentina, Florencia Derron studied English at the Cambridge Institute of English Culture Buenos Aires and at the University of Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Florencia holds a degree in Applied Linguistics. She has taught and interpreted in Spanish, Portuguese, German and English as a Second Language for over 18 years and has helped thousands of clients and students overcome language barriers.

After finishing her education, Florencia opened her first language academy where she taught children and adults to develop a deeper proficiency in English as a Second Language. After a few years she finally had the opportunity to make one of her dreams become a reality, she moved to New York in 2001 opening her practice teaching Spanish to high level professionals and English to underprivileged minorities groups.  It was in the Big Apple where she developed her own programs tailoring her language classes for business, thereby enabling U.S. businesses to expand in the global market.

Teaching industry specific business vernacular is her passion. As a language instructor, her goal is to empower her students to be successful with language skills.  She does it in an environment that promotes high academic achievement, ethics, and an appreciation of culture.  She expects her students to work hard while at the same time having a fun in a happy-productive environment.

She currently is the founder, owner and head academic coordinator at FD Language Services.

In her spare time Florencia enjoys organizing study trips to South America for her students and is currently learning French and Chinese while writing her own lesson plans and instructional books.

Barbara Butler


Barbara Butler is a Portuguese, ESL, Spanish and French teacher in the Greater Denver area.  She graduated with a degree in Portuguese and English Language and Literature from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, and earned her MBA in Marketing and International Business from New York University.

She has lived in South America, the U.S. and Europe, and has taught students in all walks of life, from young children to college students and international businessmen.  Teaching is her passion and nothing gives her more pleasure than to hear her students speak a language they previously knew nothing about. As well as teaching language, she loves to bring culture to her classes, incorporating music, food, and history whenever appropriate.

When she is not in the classroom she loves to read in four languages, go to the theatre and hike the foothills of the Rockies.  Cooking the native food of Brazil is one of her pleasures.  She is presently developing a technical Portuguese vocabulary for the mining and investment industries.

Thales Barbosa


Thales Barbosa was born in Brazil and teaches both English to Brazilian Portuguese speakers and Brazilian Portuguese to English speakers. His interest in the English Language started early on, with a kid who watched subtitled movies, loved Linkin Park and Red Hot Chili Peppers music and with such a curiosity to find out what they were saying that he manages to be fluent at age 16 – without attending English classes


Flavia Mergarejo


Flavia was born in Argentina, where she studied Language and Literature at the National University of the Northeast, in Chaco. She taught to secondary, tertiary and university students. She made an assignment of DELE (Diploma de Espanol…) for two years at that University. At the beginning of 2016 she moved to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where she currently resides. She loves to teach vocabulary and grammar. She is also interested in helping to integrate expatriates into the new community, learning the language of the new country is the most effective way for such purposes, as it is a communication tool, but also involves culture and worldview. Flavia is enthusiastic to be collaborating with the Full Immersion in the Cabos, with the FD Languages Academy. It is a fun way to learn effectively where the students will see interesting and incredible places while they continue learning more of the Spanish language. Flavia’s teaching style is relaxed, apart from imparting the formal contents, she considers that having a conversation with the students is when the more they unravel and practice the language better. She is a patient and friendly teacher dedicated to helping new residents overcome barriers in their Spanish and feel comfortable communicating fluently to feel part of the community. In her free time she likes to read, watch series, movies, watch plays and attend recitals. She is interested in traveling and meeting new places and people while she lives in paradise.

Beryimar Perozo Trejo


Beryimar also known as Bee is originally from Venezuela. She has also lived in Switzerland, Germany and the US. She loves traveling and getting to know new places and people. Her passion for language has lead to her fluency in German, English, Spanish and Portuguese. She enjoys spending time with her two teenagers and their friends, and also spends a lot of time doing outdoors activities all year around. She loves  sharing her expertise with others! And strongly believes that happiness is based on what we give!



Pedro knows the Latin American culture very well and enjoys sharing his experiences. He was born in Venezuela and has traveled through almost all Latin American countries, either for work, for sport or for pleasure. Pedro is a geographer with a specialization in GIS, and has worked as such in several countries. This has allowed him to know many cultures, he enjoys sharing these experiences in class with his students. 

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