Full Immersion Denver

FD Languages organizes cultural activities in the city of Denver as well. We visit open-air markets, restaurants, museums, dance classes and more!

Ruta de Tapas

We go twice a month to Spanish or Latin American restaurants to have some tapas to show students some typical Spanish food and listen to Latin music. The idea is to bring our students closer together and to make a further step into the Spanish language and its culture. Come and join us!

Movie Night

The Latin American movie industry has grown significantly. Noting this trend, we have organized a monthly session in our school to screen some Latin films. The is a class accompanied by an instructor, and exists as an additional opportunity for students to augment their vocabulary, and to learn slang and idiomatic expressions. Recommended for Intermediate to Advanced levels.

Cooking Classes

With this cooking class, students will learn how to prepare delicious dishes with one of the top tapas chefs in Denver

Seminar on Latin American Culture

Latin America has a distinct and varied culture due to its emergence from diverse cultural experiences. All students meet in our big classroom to participate in a special course dedicated to themes of Latin culture, such as: history, music, geography, sports, cinema, cuisine and more. This course meets twice a year at our Littleton location

Dance Instruction

We believe that physical expression exists as an integral part of the Latin immersion experience, and we hope to also supplement out students’ language acquisition through the rhythms. Because of this, an expert dance instructor will be at our school one day a week who teaches samba, flamenco, salsa, merengue, bachata and much more. Let’s dance!

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